Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sweet Love

Here's an illustration I started back in February and finished today. (Maybe.) It was intended for the 3rd Thursday competition, but a few complications deterred me and I opted for the blue lovesick pig I posted earlier. Now that I've fixed most of the complications, I unveil the illustration for your notice.

This color palette feels luxurious to work with and all that candy was a treat to paint. It was tricky  making sure it didn't overwhelm the pig, since he is the focal point. The tree was similar - making sure it looked like a tree at night without stealing attention away from her. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out. The only concern I have is about the perspective. Technically it works in my thumbnails, but I still feel like something isn't quite right. If you have any ideas, my ears are open!


Dow said...

Angela, it is a lovely image! You perfectly manipulated my eye to the main pig, and I do enjoy the soothing palette. As for the perspective, I didn't really notice it until you mentioned. I am not bothered by it - it just looks like the shop is on a hill. I think you could bring the right side street line down to make it a symmetrical curve on the right side (so the whole background, including shop awning line, is a gentle wide rainbow curve shape?), or I'd straighten the left street side. Those are just suggestions, of course, and kinda hard to describe in words! :)

Keep up the beautiful work!

angelic pursuits said...

I like that idea a lot, Dow! Since I'm trying to add more dynamic feelings to my illustrations, your suggestion will help me keep it this way without taking away from the perspective. Thanks!