Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm still working on achieving effects in Painter that I could do by hand, and learning techniques that I think are fun. Yesterday, I was frustrated trying to get what I wanted with hair, but I think I found some brushes to achieve a look I like. I used a separate layer for the light yellow highlights (using the Wet on Wet Paper brush), then created another layer for more color and texture. For shadows and darker hair colors I used the Dry on Dry Paper brush in various colors, and then the Dry Bristle to get the texture. It's not perfect, but it's getting closer to what I'm aiming for.

As for the picture as a whole, I think it's just a little bit too busy. I like the background and the shirt, but I'm not sure they work with the picture as a whole.

Friday, September 7, 2012

picnic fun

Here's my latest illustration. I drew it years ago but repainted it in Painter 12. I'm still experimenting with the effects I can do in Painter, so I've been using things I've already done to expedite the process. 
The latest technique I've been working on is figuring out how to use light in my work, and how much line I want to use. Feel free to share your opinions about what you think are working and what aren't.