Friday, March 25, 2016

Project: Design 100 Kindergarteners

Last year, Jake Parker issued a challenge to Design 100 Somethings (here's his youtube video: I am intrigued. My illustrator friend, Jill Bergman, designed 100 trees in 100 days (find them here: She may or may not have heard about Jake's challenge, but regardless, her collection is impressive.

Since I've thought about experimenting stylistically anyway, here goes. Jake encourages specificity to push creativity, and suggested we use a medium we're less comfortable with. My subject is 100 Kindergarteners. (It might not be as specific as Jake asks, but I love the idea and I'm gonna do it since kids are my favorite thing to draw.) I'll be using a quill pen and watercolor. Long ago before one of our many moves, I purchased a quill pen set and ink for experimentation. Now it's high time to actually use the stuff. And once upon a time, I only painted with watercolor - but that was once upon a time and the disuse is highly evident! But I'm in love with how watercolor mingles and pools, so here we go with #1. Also, I don't plan on one a day; just when I have some time.

My goal is to be messy and less precise. Today I achieved this in some ways more than I hoped for. But I plan to showcase this project without altering it in Painter to show my progression.

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Dow said...

Cool project, Angela!! Good luck!