Friday, March 16, 2007

Spider Magazine

On September 14, 2004 I got word from Spider magazine that they wanted my story, "Bitsy Climbs the Not-So-Itsy Spout." After a year of sending tons of things out and getting form rejection letters for all of them, I was quite excited. (It's nice to have that "I've been published" credit next to my name as justification for my writing and illustration passion.)

I have had several other things accepted (and published) since September 14, 2004, but I haven't forgotten about my first story that was accepted. After waiting almost three years, I received word today that it will come out in the 2007 May issue! I'm excited to see what the illustrator does.

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Amy C. Moreno said...

WOwee! Congratulations! Can't believe no one congratulated you on that yet. That is huge. Celebrate!