Monday, February 1, 2016

Reading surprise!

Here's my latest girl and bear illustration (I'm working on a series of them). It might need a few days of simmer to see what could improve it, but here's the first completion. Since I love a little bit of messy, I'm working toward that here with my choice of textures. Some day I hope to heighten that messy feel in my work, but I think I'm getting closer.

This illustration started out with a small thumbnail where I worked out composition and value. Next, I enlarged it so I could trace over it on my lightbox before scanning it into Painter to do the rest.

For this illustration, I utilized an off-white/yellow underpainting. I really like the mood it created. And, like in my previous illustration (see last blog post), I pushed to create a focal point using value, shadow, and light. I think it's working. Perhaps it still needs a little more contrast? What do you think?

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Dow said...

I think it's lovely!! You've done a great job with the lighting. It's a quiet and sweet moment, so I don't think it needs too much contrast. Keep up the beautiful work!