Thursday, November 12, 2015

Online critiques to watch (from real instructors)

My last post highlighted a piece I'm submitting for SVS's 3rd Thursday competition. I just finished watching their critique of last month's four pieces, and WOW! The information they offer is so helpful and generous! I'm hooked. I can't wait to watch more of them, but I've got work waiting for me . . .

If these are something you'd like to watch and learn from, here's a link to their youtube channel. Scroll down and look for the 3rd Thursday videos. (There's a lot more great stuff to learn from, too!) And they offer very reasonably priced classes to learn professional techniques.

And since blogposts are boring without something visual, below is a recent page from my sketchbook. Which leads me to ask, have you sketched today? Fifteen minutes a day can go a long way. (Hey, I sound like one of those commercials out there . . .)

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