Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stories for Children - Last Issue

A few years ago (about when I started this blog) I began participating in illustrating for Stories for Children Magazine. Next month will be their last issue (perhaps indefinitely?) and I chose to participate. It's been a great way for me to have a reason to illustrate, and I have certainly seen some growth as a result. Here's the illo, and if you're intrigued, look for Molly and the Watering Can in March.

I think, were I to repaint this, I would make the watering can silver (or gold, maybe?). Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with the finished product.

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Elisabeth W. said...

Oh, I love the giant radishes! (or maybe they are normal and she is small) Anyway, great expression of color and movement! You're wonderful as are your paintings. Looks like we're both up blogging at the same time!