Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Again!

OK, so I know I haven't been around for a while, but I just realized that it's been since JULY since I last posted! Ahem.

Watercolor Wednesdays has already seen this illo, but some of you have not. I created this for a children's book I wrote many years ago that I hope to one day publish.

Speaking of books, I finished my very first for Brown Books (an "all-purpose" publishing house - they help people self-publish books). The way it worked was they asked me to submit a spec piece (like the one below) for an author to look at. The author liked my style and chose me to illustrate the story. It was nice to get paid (howbeit a bit meager), to add to my portfolio, and to compliment my resume. Once the book is published (March-ish?) I can share illo's.

My tendonitis has much improved, thanks to a nifty personal ultrasound machine I purchased. It is SOOO nice to be able to do things without being in pain (or, worse, feeling like I'm only making things worse)!

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Laralee and Jake said...

I'm glad that your tendinitis is doing better, and that you are back to posting. I have missed your pictures. I love this one's hair.